Town Accountant
Town Accountant:
Kimberly Collins
Phone Number:
(413) 583-5600 x1240
Email Address:
Town Hall, 2nd Floor
488 Chapin Street
Ludlow, MA 01056
Office Hours:
8:30am - 4:30pm (M-F)
Office Staff:
Cindyrae Minie
Assistant Town Accountant
Benta Alves

Town Accountant
Department Reports

Town Debt / Revenue Reports
Article 5 - FY10
Capital Budget - FY10
Debt Budget Analysis - FY09
General Fund Revenue - FY08
General Fund Expenditures - FY08
Enterprise Fund - (Golf) FY08
Enterprise Fund - (Sewer) FY03-08
Stabilization Funds Analysis - FY03-08
Free Cash Analysis - FY06-08
Town of Ludlow, Massachusetts
488 Chapin Street
Ludlow, MA 01056
(413) 583-5600

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