MVP Committee:
Doug Stefancik
Town Planner
Ellie Villano
Town Administrator
Andrea Crete
Health Agent
Penny Lebel
Conservation Commission
Jim Goodreau
Town Engineer
Brian Shameklis
Police Department
Jocelyn Zepke
Council on Aging
Paulina Matusik
Board of Health
Ryan Pease
Fire Chief
Vulnerability Preparedness Committee
Ludlow Town Hall
488 Chapin Street
Ludlow, MA 01056
Vulnerability Preparedness
& Hazard Mitigation Plan Committee
The Members of the MVP Committee Will Be Representatives of,
and Vested in, a Resilient Future For Your Communities

MVP Committee
Town of Ludlow, Massachusetts
488 Chapin Street
Ludlow, MA 01056
(413) 583-5600

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