Town Planner:

Douglas J. Stefancik

Board Members:

Joseph Queiroga
Raymond Phoenix
Kathleen Houle
Christopher Coelho
Rafael Quiterio
Phone Number:

(413) 583-5600 x1280

Email Address:
Ludlow Town Hall
488 Chapin Street
Ludlow, Ma 01056
Office Hours:
8:30am - 4:30pm (M-F)
Meeting Times:
7:00pm - 2nd & 4th
Thursdays of the month

Unless Otherwise Specified

(Meetings by Agenda)
Office Staff:
Susan Urban
Office Assistant
Planning Board
In 2030,  Ludlow is a vibrant, culturally dynamic model community that proactively plans for the future. The town has retained its historical and cultural roots while embracing sustainability to achieve its long-term goals. Residents have a strong sense of community with safe neighborhoods. Ludlow supports a healthy residential, commercial and industrial base. This has allowed for the redevelopment of underutilized properties, preservation of agricultural land, access to abundant open space, good schools, and quality town services, while protecting and maintaining a healthy and historical downtown.
-Master Plan Vision Statement
The Master Plan is available for viewing in the Planning Board Office

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Town of Ludlow, Massachusetts
488 Chapin Street
Ludlow, MA 01056
(413) 583-5600

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