Chapter 30B is the law that governs the procurement of supplies, services, and real property by cities, towns, and other local jurisdictions in Massachusetts. It contains procedures to ensure open and fair competition for contracts paid for with public money. 

A local jurisdiction that wishes to use Chapter 30B’s request for proposals (RFP) process must appoint a CPO to oversee procurements of $50,000 or more. The CPO may also be responsible for all activities related to buying, leasing, renting or acquiring supplies or services for all departments.

The Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) ensures that the local jurisdiction’s contracting practices are carried out according to state law and local requirements. Centralized purchasing under a CPO can result in greater efficiency, improved quality of supplies and services, and cost savings. The CPO may also delegate procurement powers and duties.

Chief Procurement Officer
Lori Belanger

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  1. Lori Belanger

    Chief Procurement Officer

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    488 Chapin Street
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    Ludlow, MA 01056

    Phone: 413-583-5600, ext. 1298